Poco Poco Cheerocco Game

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Description: You’re just walking through the woods, all of the sudden you’re trying to drown, burn or knock another cute furry animal just like you off a cliff. Just another day in Poco Poco Paradise!
Game Controls: Left Click Mouse – Move around Right Click Mouse – Attack with selected elemental weapon 1 – ‘Fire’ elemental weapon 2 – ‘Water’ elemental weapon 3 – ‘Wood’ elemental weapon Q – Upgrade ‘fire’ elemental weapon W – Upgrade ‘water’ elemental weapon E – Upgrade ‘wood’ elemental weapon Spacebar – Jump Left Shift – Booster F1 – Tooltips overlay Esc – Show escape menu alt+1 – Emoticon ‘happy’ alt+2 – Emoticon ‘sad’ alt+3 – Emoticon ‘anger’ alt+4 – Emoticon ‘contempt’ alt+5 – Emoticon ‘shock’ alt+6 – Emoticon ‘love’ alt+7 – Emoticon ‘cunning’ alt+8 – Emoticon ‘dumb’